100+ Apple Pie Puns That'll Crust Your Funny Bone!

Apple Pie Puns

Are you ready to indulge in some deliciously funny wordplay? Look no further because we've whipped up a delectable selection of over 100 apple pie puns that will have you rolling in laughter. From crusty one-liners to fruity punchlines, these puns are as crisp and tasty as a freshly baked apple pie. So get ready to slice through the laughter and savor the sweetness of these witty jokes. Whether you're a pie connoisseur or just a pun enthusiast, these jokes are sure to make you grin from ear to ear. So grab a fork, dig in, and get ready for a pun-tastic feast that will leave you apple-solutely delighted. Don't miss out on this chance to spice up your day with some hilarious apple pie puns. Trust us, it's a recipe for laughter that you won't want to miss!

Best Wordplay Puns: Apple Pie Puns

  • I couldn't resist, I'm apple-solutely pie-ning for you!
  • Life is just like apple pie, sometimes you get a slice of luck!
  • Apple pie is a-peeling to my taste buds!
  • I'm not Crust-y, I just have a flaky sense of humor!
  • You're the apple of my pie!
  • Let's Spice things up and add some Cinnamon to this apple pie pun!
  • You're the slice to my apple pie, the crust to my laughter!
  • I'm not a Chef, but I can definitely pie-nish your appetite for puns!
  • Apple pie puns are a slice of Comedy heaven!
  • You know what they say, an apple pie a day keeps the Doctor away...because they're too busy laughing!

Tom Swifties A La Mode

  • Said the apple pie desperately, "Oh crumbs, I've gone all soggy!"
  • "The whipped cream did IT," groaned the pie.
  • "It was quite a slice," remarked the pie bitterly.
  • "I'm filling rather full," announced the pie proudly.
  • "Curses, found out!" exclaimed the pie.
  • "Baked to a T," sighed the pie contentedly.
  • "Care for a Bite?" offered the pie hopefully.
  • "All gone!" cried the pie in dismay.
  • "Left me high and pie," muttered the pie.
  • "You've got some crust," grumbled the pie.

Hilarious Historical Apple Pie Puns

  • When George Washington couldn't tell a lie, he must've been talking about how Good his apple pie was. It was truly unbe-"lie"-vable!
  • Did you know that Benjamin Franklin once said, "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and the deliciousness of apple pie!"
  • Marie Antoinette May have famously said, "Let them eat Cake," but I say, "Let them eat apple pie! It's fit for Royalty!"
  • When Julius Caesar first tasted apple pie, he exclaimed, "Veni, vidi, vici! I came, I saw, I pie-ed!"
  • Joan of Arc may have fought battles, but she couldn't resist the temptation of a warm slice of apple pie. She was a true "pie-r" of hearts!
  • Leonardo da Vinci may have been a master artist, but his true masterpiece was the recipe for the perfect apple pie. It was truly a "pie-ce" of Art!
  • When Christopher Columbus discovered America, he must've been thrilled to find out they had apple pie. It was a whole new "world" of deliciousness!
  • William Shakespeare once wrote, "To pie or not to pie, that is the question." Clearly, he was a Fan of apple pie!
  • When Alexander the Great conquered lands, he always made sure to introduce them to the wonders of apple pie. He was truly a "pie-oneer"!
  • Cleopatra may have been the queen of Egypt, but she couldn't resist the allure of a perfectly baked apple pie. It was her "pharoah"-vite Dessert!

Apple Pie Puns - Literal Puns

  • I told my friend I was making a pie out of Fruit, and he told me to stop being so a-peel-ing.
  • Whenever I eat apple pie, it’s like a slice of heaven.
  • My apple pie recipe is a Little crusty, but it always turns out flakey.
  • My friend asked me to bring him a piece of pie, but I told him to stop being so crusty.
  • When I eat apple pie, I always tell myself to crust the process.
  • I took a pie-making class, and it was the best crust-ed investment I ever made.
  • My apple pie was so good, it left everyone crumb-ing Back for more.
  • I’m not usually a pie guy, but when it comes to apple pie, I’m a la mode to change my mind.
  • My apple pie is so good, it’s always the apple of my Eye.
  • I asked my friend if he wanted some apple pie, and he said, “I’m just not ready to take that slice of life yet.”

A Slice of Punny Goodness: Apple Pie Puns

  • When life gives you apples, make *pie*-vements!
  • Apple pie is a *crust*worthy companion!
  • What do you call a pie that's always on the Run? A *sly-crust*!
  • Why did the apple pie go to school? To become *pietelligent*!
  • What's an apple pie's favorite song? *"Slice, Slice Baby!"*
  • How does an apple pie say hello? *"I'm so *crust*-worthy!"*
  • Why did the apple pie go to the doctor? It had a *fruitful* case of the common *crust*
  • What do you call a mischievous apple pie? A *pie-rouette*!
  • Why did the apple pie Break Up with the pear pie? It just wasn't *a-peeling* anymore!
  • What did the apple pie say to the pumpkin pie at the Party? *"Let's get this *slice* started!"*

Funny Apple Pie Puns

  • I tried making a pie with apples, but it was a total crust-tastrophe!
  • Why did the apple pie go to College? It wanted to get a degree in "crust-ematics"!
  • What did the apple pie say to the baker? "You're my Butter half!"
  • Why did the apple pie break up with the pumpkin pie? It said they were just "filling" different!
  • What do you call an apple pie that's gone Bad? A "rotten-to-the-Core" dessert!
  • Why did the apple pie go to therapy? It had a lot of "emotional crust-issues" to Work through!
  • What do you get when you cross an apple pie with a Ghost? A "boo-tifully delicious" treat!
  • Why did the apple pie become a Detective? It wanted to solve the mystery of the missing "crumb-inal"!
  • What did the apple pie say to the Ice cream? "You complete me, a la mode!"
  • Why did the apple pie go on a diet? It wanted to be "a slice of perfection"!

Perfectly Punny Apple Pie Rhymes

  • Why did the apple pie break up with the Ice Cream? It just needed its space!
  • If an apple pie could sing, it would be in the crusty crooners!
  • What do you call a pie that's a bad influence? A pie-thagorean!
  • Why did the apple pie go to school? It wanted to be a little more well-rounded!
  • What's an apple pie's favorite Beatles song? "Let It Be-crust!"
  • How does an apple pie apologize? It says, "I'm sorry for being such a flaky dessert!"
  • Why did the apple pie go to therapy? It had too many crust issues!
  • What do you call a group of musical apple pies? A pie harmonious!
  • Why don't apple pies ever get lost? They always have a crumb trail!
  • What's an apple pie's favorite Movie genre? Slice-of-life dramas!

Spoonerism Puns: Apple Pie Edition

  • Crapple Pie
  • Rapple Pie
  • Thapple Pie
  • Stapple Pie
  • Wapple Pie
  • Snapple Pie
  • Chapple Pie
  • Prapple Pie
  • Drapple Pie
  • Smapple Pie

Apple Pie Anagram Puns

  • I peel a pie
  • A pie leap
  • Pale pie
  • Ape pie
  • Leap pie
  • I plea pie
  • Elapse Pi
  • Ale pip
  • Pea lie
  • Lip pea

Filling Your Plate with Apple Pie Puns

  • When the apple pie got a promotion, it said, "I'm on a Roll, crust me!"
  • I told the apple pie it was looking flaky, and it replied, "Well, I'm just trying to butter you up!"
  • Why did the apple pie go to the doctor? It had a case of crumble-itis!
  • When the apple pie became a chef, it said, "I'm just getting a slice of the action!"
  • Why did the apple pie start a Band? It wanted to Jam with its Berry best Friends!
  • The apple pie couldn't find its favorite spatula and said, "I guess it's Time to start from scratch!"
  • When the apple pie saw a squirrel stealing its crust, it exclaimed, "Hey, that's my flake News!"
  • Why did the apple pie break up with the cake? It said, "We just couldn't find a crumb ground!"
  • The apple pie decided to become a comedian because it knew how to serve up some good pun-chlines!
  • What did the apple pie say to the pumpkin pie at the baking competition? "May the best filling win!"