Barbie Puns: 100+ Doll-ightful and Punny Moments That'll Make You Ken-tainly Laugh!

Barbie Puns

Are you ready to add some doll-ightful humor to your life? Get ready to giggle and guffaw with our collection of over 100 Barbie puns that will leave you in stitches. From Ken-tastic wordplay to Barbie-licious jokes, these puns will take you on a journey through the world of plastic fantastic humor. Whether you're a Barbie aficionado or just love a good laugh, these puns will definitely tickle your funny bone. So grab your sense of humor and get ready to play with puns that will make you say, "Oh, doll-mate, these jokes are too good!" Get ready to dive into the world of Barbie puns and let the laughter begin!

Barbie Puns that Ken't Be Beat Puns

  • Barbie was feeling under-dressed, so she put on a Little extra plastic surgery.
  • When Barbie and Ken broke up, IT was a Doll-icious scandal.
  • Barbie's favorite Band is the Plastic Surgeons, they really know how to "rock"!
  • Barbie tried Skydiving, but she just couldn't pull the plastic cord.
  • Ken asked Barbie out for a Date, but she said she was already booked for a plastic surgery appointment.
  • Barbie went to the bakery, but they told her they were all out of plastic Cake.
  • Barbie loves to cook, but she always makes plastic-wrapped meals.
  • When Barbie goes on Vacation, she always brings her own plastic beach Chair.
  • Barbie's favorite Movie is "Plastic Dreams: A Love Story".
  • Barbie's Pet Dog is made of plastic, but he's still a real "barker".

Barbie Puns - Humor with Tom Swifties

  • Barbie said, "I'm a doll-ightful friend!" (dolightful)
  • Ken exclaimed, "I'm having a Ball with Barbie!" (ball)
  • Barbie declared, "I'm a Hair-raising fashionista!" (hair-raising)
  • Ken bragged, "I'm a smooth-dressing gent!" (smooth)
  • Barbie giggled, "I'm a doll-arific dream!" (doll-arific)
  • Ken stated, "I'm a plastic surgeon's favorite patient!" (plastic)
  • Barbie sighed, "I'm having a dreamy Time in Dreamhouse!" (dreamy)
  • Ken joked, "I'm a doll-icious man!" (doll-icious)
  • Barbie teased, "I'm a fashion-forward trendsetter!" (trendsetter)
  • Ken chuckled, "I'm a doll-ightful partner!" (dollightful)

Historical Puns

  • Barbie was the first female Astronaut to go to the "Barbie-ian" Sea.
  • When Barbie became a queen, she ruled over the "Barbie-dos" Empire.
  • Barbie's favorite historical figure is "Barbie-raham Lincoln."
  • Barbie loves to Dress up as "Barbie-cleopatra" for Costume parties.
  • Barbie's favorite time Period is the "Barbie-naissance."
  • Barbie enjoys Reading about the "Barbie-salem Witch Trials."
  • Barbie believes she could have won the "Barbie-merican Revolution" with her fashion sense.
  • Barbie's favorite historical event is the "Barbie-stle Harbor Tea Party."
  • Barbie thinks she would have been a Great pharaoh in "Barbie-gypt."
  • Barbie loves visiting ancient ruins, especially the "Barbie-cropolis."

Fun with Barbie Puns

  • Barbie went to the dentist because she wanted a "tooth"some Smile.
  • When Barbie went Fishing, she always caught "Ken"-dy fish.
  • Barbie's favorite movie is "Jurassic Barbie" because she loves Dino-"saur"able adventures.
  • Barbie loves to Travel, especially to the "Barbie"-Bean islands.
  • Barbie is a great Chef, she always "whisks" up something delicious.
  • Barbie's favorite sport is "Barbie"-ll because she's a "catch" on the field.
  • Barbie's favorite Dessert is "Barbie"-tella because she loves a Sweet treat.
  • Barbie is a talented musician, she can play the "Barbie"-tone with ease.
  • Barbie is a skilled Gardener, she grows the most "Barbie"-ful flowers.
  • Barbie is a big Fan of superheroes, her favorite is "Barbie"-man.

Funny Double Entendre Barbie Puns

  • Did you hear about Barbie's new job? She's now a Computer programmer, but she still can't find Ken's "enter" Key!
  • Why did Barbie never become a judge? Because she couldn't make any "Barbie-calls"!
  • Barbie's dream House got robbed, but the thief left a note saying, "Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation of a "Barbie-glar"!
  • Why did Barbie become a gardener? She wanted to show off her Green "thumbelina"!
  • Barbie wanted to be a chef, but she couldn't handle the "Ken-dle"!
  • What did Barbie say to Ken when he asked her to go on a date? "Sorry Ken, but I'm "dolled" up for someone else!"
  • What did Barbie say when she won the lottery? "I'm "doll"-ar millionairess!"
  • Why did Barbie become a Detective? She wanted to solve the mystery of the missing "Ken-dle"Stick!
  • Barbie's favorite exercise? "Barbie-curls"!
  • Why did Barbie become a Pilot? She wanted to "fly" in the Sky with Ken!

Paronomasia Puns: Barbie Edition

  • Barbie's favorite vegetable? Carrots, because they're the root of all her problems!
  • Why did Barbie become a chef? Because she kneaded a change of career!
  • Barbie's favorite exercise? Doll-ups, they really Work her plastic muscles!
  • What did Barbie say to her friend at the beach? "Seas the day, Ken!"
  • Barbie's favorite subject in school? Math, because she's all about counting her accessories!
  • What do you call Barbie's favorite music genre? Pop-tastic!
  • Why did Barbie quit her job as a Flight attendant? She couldn't handle the plastic turbulence!
  • Barbie's favorite mode of transportation? The Barbie-Car, because it's always in style!
  • What's Barbie's favorite dessert? Barbie-cue, because she loves to Grill!
  • Why did Barbie start a gardening club? She wanted to grow her own style!

Rhyme Time with Barbie Puns!

  • Barbie had a Spa day and said, "I'm feeling fab-ulous!"
  • When Barbie goes fishing, she always catches a Ken-tastic catch!
  • Barbie loves to Dance, she's got the moves like Jaggerella!
  • Barbie opened a bakery and her cupcakes were simply doll-icious!
  • Barbie went on a vacation and had a beach-tacular time in Barbiedos!
  • Barbie's fashion sense is on point, she's always dressed to Ken-press!
  • Barbie tried her hand at painting, but her artwork was a little on the barbie-d side!
  • Barbie went on a Road trip and said, "Let's hit the Malibu-b!"
  • Barbie started a band and they rocked the stage with their barbie-tastic tunes!
  • Barbie tried to fix her car but ended up saying, "I guess I'll just call the Ken-gineer!"

Barbie Spoonerism Puns That Are Puntastic!

  • Carbie Bee
  • Pinky Tinkle
  • Fairy Mop
  • Glitter Betty
  • Ken Darbie
  • Stylish Bister
  • Bobby Farbie
  • Dreamy Maker
  • Party Qween
  • Blonde Bolly

Funny Anagram Puns about Barbie

  • Rabbi Bra
  • Bar Bra I
  • Bear Brag I
  • Grab Brie
  • Barge Rib
  • Bag Rib R
  • Barb Ire
  • Garb Rib
  • Bare Rib
  • Grab Bier


  • Barbie went to the gym but couldn't lift any weights. Turns out she was all plastic, no Muscle!
  • Why did Barbie bring a Ladder to the bar? She wanted to reach the Ken-opy!
  • Barbie tried to make a reservation at the fancy Restaurant, but they said they were all booked. She replied, "That's okay, I brought my own Ken-dle!"
  • Barbie was excited to go on a Road Trip, but her car broke down. She said, "Looks like I'll have to call the Ken-tow truck!"
  • Barbie tried to use her credit Card, but it got declined. She said, "I guess my plastic is only Good for my looks, not for purchases!"
  • Why did Barbie become a detective? She wanted to solve the case of the missing Shoe!
  • Barbie wanted to be a chef, but she couldn't handle the Heat in the kitchen. She said, "I guess I'll stick to plastic Food!"
  • What did Barbie say when she saw a Spider? "Ken you please take care of it? I'm all plastic and scared!"
  • Barbie wanted to go swimming, but she couldn't because she didn't have a belly button. She said, "No belly button, no bikini!"
  • Why did Barbie become a teacher? She loved playing with her students' imagi-nations!