100+ Crown Puns That Reign Supreme in the Kingdom of Humor

Crown Puns

Are you ready to rule the world of humor with our collection of over 100 crown puns? From royal jesters to majestic monarchs, these puns will reign supreme in the kingdom of comedy. Whether you're a queen of quirk or a king of comedy, these puns will crown you the ruler of laughter. So put on your crown, sit on your throne, and get ready to rule the realm of wit and humor with these puns fit for royalty. Get ready to laugh like a king or queen as we embark on a royal journey through the world of crown puns.

Coronation of Crown Puns

  • What did the queen say when she found her missing crown? "I've been de-throned!"
  • Why did the crown Break Up with the scepter? IT just didn't feel like a Good Match anymore.
  • How does a King keep his crown in good shape? With his Royal treatment!
  • What do you call a group of musical crowns? A headbanging Band!
  • Why did the crown go to therapy? It had too many unresolved issues.
  • What's a crown's favorite type of exercise? Coronation Yoga!
  • Why was the crown always calm and collected? Because it had a royal flush!
  • What did the crown say to the Pillow? "You make a Great headrest!"
  • How do you make a crown laugh? Tell it a coronation joke!

Tom Swifties Crown Puns

  • I can't decide which king to support... I'm really on the Fence about it.
  • "The coronation ceremony was electrifying," he said, wearing a static crown.
  • "I'll never be royal," she said, wearing her Paper crown, "but I can still rule at origami!"
  • "I'm the king of procrastination," he said, putting off his coronation.
  • "I've got a lot on my plate," said the king, accidentally dropping his crown into his soup.
  • "I'm the ruler of the Dance Floor," said the king, showing off his crown moves.
  • "I'm the king of puns," he said, wearing a crown made of punchlines.
  • "I'm a crown designer," she said, putting her creativity on a pedestal.
  • "I'm the king of the Jungle," said the lion, wearing a crown made of leaves.
  • "I have the crown jewels," said the dentist, proudly holding up a set of shiny Teeth.

Historical Puns About Crowns

  • What did the queen say when she got a new tiara? "It's a crowning achievement!"
  • How did the king feel about his new crown? He thought it was coronation perfection!
  • Why was the royal headwear so expensive? Because it was fit for a king's ransom!
  • What did the historical crown collector say? "I'm on a royal binge!"
  • Why did the crown prince join the band? He wanted to be the reigning rockstar!
  • What did the History teacher say about the crown jewels? "They're the crowning glory of our heritage!"
  • Why did the Knight wear his crown to Bed? He wanted to have knight dreams!
  • What did the ancient ruler say about his crown? "It's a royal Pain in the Neck to wear!"
  • Why did the king refuse to share his crown? He thought it was his crowning achievement!

Literal Puns

  • What did the queen say when she won the Chess Game? "Checkmate, my subjects!"
  • Why did the crown go to school? To get a higher education!
  • What do you call a king who is also a musician? A ruler of the chords!
  • Why did the crown become a Chef? It wanted to rule the kitchen!
  • What did the crown say to the Hat? "You're just a pretender to the throne!"
  • Why was the crown always confident? Because it knew it was on top!
  • Why did the king Love his throne so much? Because it always supported him!
  • What did the Princess say to her crown? "You're my crowning glory!"
  • Why did the crown refuse to go swimming? It didn't want to get wet and lose its shine!

Hilarious Double Entendre Puns About Crowns

  • What did the queen say when she got a new crown? "It's the reigning accessory!"
  • How does a king keep his crown in great condition? He gives it the royal treatment!
  • Why did the prince break up with his crown? It was too high maintenance!
  • What did the royal jeweler say to the crown? "You rule the kingdom of fashion!"
  • How does a crown apologize? It says, "I'm sorry, I'll try to be a bit more down-to-earth."
  • Why was the crown unhappy? It felt like it was always under a lot of pressure!
  • What did the crown say to the scepter? "I'm on top of the world!"
  • Why did the crown break up with the tiara? It felt like it was wearing too many hats!
  • How does a crown relax? It takes a royal "crown-ditioning" treatment!

King of the Puns

  • Why did the king go to the dentist? To get his crown checked!
  • What did the queen say while getting a crown fitted? "I'm royally excited!"
  • How does a king keep his crown in place? With a royal hairnet!
  • What do you call a funny king? His royal pun-ness!
  • Why was the king a good ruler? Because he always wore his crown with Pride!
  • Why did the crown break up with the king? It couldn't handle the royal pressure!
  • What's a king's favorite type of headgear? A crown-ing achievement!
  • How does a king choose his crown? He goes for the royal flush!
  • What's a crown's favorite song? "I Will Always Crown You"!
  • Why did the king go to the store? To buy a new crown for his kingdom!

Funny Rhyming Puns

  • I couldn't find my crown, so I had to reign in my excitement.
  • When the king lost his hat, he said, "Oh, bother, I've been dethroned!"
  • The queen's favorite Dessert is the royal Brownie crownie.
  • Why did the princess wear a crown? Because she wanted to rule in style!
  • The king's favorite band is called "The Crown Jewels" because they always rock his world.
  • When the prince became king, he said, "It's Time to wear the crown and make my reign supreme."
  • The queen Bee always wears a crown because she knows she's the ruler of the hive.
  • What did the king say to his royal Barber? "Trim my Hair, but don't touch the crown jewels!"
  • Why did the princess refuse to wear a crown? Because she didn't want to be a royal pain in the neck!
  • When the jester wore a crown, everyone laughed and said, "Long live the king of Comedy!"

Funny Spoonerism Puns about Crowns

  • Clown Prince - Crown Pince
  • Royal Highness - Hoyal Righness
  • King's Throne - Thing's Krone
  • Queen's Jewels - Jeen's Quels
  • Prince Charming - Chince Prarming
  • Crown Jewels - Jown Crewels
  • King's Scepter - Sing's Kepter
  • Princess Tiara - Tincess Piara
  • Royal Palace - Poyal Ralace
  • Crowned King - Krowned Cing

Funny Anagram Puns

  • Raw Con: When a crown is fresh out of the Box.
  • Warn Coo: A cautious Crow's advice.
  • Acorn Won: The victory of a squirrel who found a crown-shaped acorn.
  • Cocoa RN: The Nurse who takes care of all the Chocolate cravings.
  • Roan Cow: A cow who dreams of being Royalty.
  • Worn Co: The fate of a crown that has seen better days.
  • Crow No: A bird who refuses to wear a crown.
  • Corona NW: The new fashion trend among crowns.
  • Cow Ran: When a crown-wearing cow decides to join a marathon.
  • Row Can: The struggle of a crown trying to navigate a Canoe.

Situational Puns

  • The king who wore a crown while Fishing was a real "reel" leader.
  • When the queen went shopping, she always wore her "crown" jewels.
  • The dentist who became a king was known for his "crowning" achievement.
  • The king who loved to garden always wore a "flower crown" to show off his Green Thumb.
  • The queen bee's favorite accessory was her "bee-jeweled crown".
  • When the king lost his crown, he said it was a "royal pain" in the neck.
  • The prince who loved to cook always wore a "chef's crown" in the kitchen.
  • When the queen went to the Spa, she always treated herself to a "crown" facial.
  • The king who loved to dance always wore a "disco crown" to the Ball.
  • The queen who loved to exercise always wore a "sweatband crown" to stay stylish while working out.