Social Media Puns: 100+ LOL-Worthy Posts That Will Leave You ROFL-ing

Social Media Puns

Are you tired of scrolling through your social media feed and not finding anything punny to brighten up your day? Well, look no further because we've curated over 100 social media puns that will have you laughing out loud. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat, we've got puns that will make you double-tap with laughter and leave you retweeting for more. Whether you're a social media addict or just someone who loves a good pun, this collection is guaranteed to make your timeline punbelievably hilarious. So put your funny face on, grab your phone, and get ready to LOL your way through the world of social media puns. It's time to hashtag puns and get ready to share the laughter with your friends. Get ready to ROFL and remember, sharing is caring, but puns are just punbelievable! So let's get punning and have a pun-derful time together!

Social Media Puns That Will Make You LOL

  • Why did the Instagrammer Break Up with their partner? They were tired of living in the shadow of their ex.
  • What did the Twitter addict say when they finally logged off? "I'm retweeting this moment."
  • How does a social media influencer stay cool? They have a strong Fan base.
  • Why did the Facebook user bring a map to the Party? They wanted to check in properly.
  • What do you call a group of bloggers? A web of lies.
  • Why was the Snapchat user always calm? They knew how to filter out the drama.
  • How does a social media guru stay fit? They do a lot of scrolling and Stretching.
  • Why did the YouTuber go to therapy? They had too many unresolved issues.
  • What's a Pirate's favorite social media platform? Insta-ARRR-gram.
  • Why did the LinkedIn user break up with their job? They were looking for better connections.

Social Media Puns: Humor with Tom Swifties

  • He couldn't get his tweet to post, so he said, "I guess I'll just have to Wing IT," he chirped.
  • "I'm addicted to social media," she said with a Facebook, "I can't seem to resist scrolling through my feed."
  • "I just got unfollowed by my crush," he said with a Pinterest, "I guess I'll have to find another 'Board' to pin my hopes on."
  • "I'm feeling so hashtag blessed," she said Instagrammatically.
  • "I can't believe how many likes my post got," he exclaimed, "I'm on Cloud nine-tine!"
  • "I can't handle all this drama on Twitter," she remarked with a sigh, "it's like a never-ending Soap-opera-tunity."
  • "I can't believe my ex liked my post," he said sarcastically, "I guess they finally realized what they're missing out on."
  • "I'm so Famous on social media," she bragged, "I must be the tweet-Heart of the internet!"
  • "I'm going viral!" he shouted with excitement, "I'm like the Flu of social media!"
  • "I can't decide which filter to use on this picture," she pondered, "I guess I'll have to filter through my options."

Historical Puns About Social Media

  • Why did Cleopatra unfriend Marc Antony? Because he was always posting about his conquests!
  • Henry VIII's favorite social media platform? Tinder, of course!
  • When Julius Caesar joined Twitter, he wrote, "I came, I saw, I tweeted."
  • Marie Antoinette's last Instagram post: "Let them eat Cake... and like my pics!"
  • Abraham Lincoln's Facebook status: "Just bought a new Hat, feeling Presidential."
  • Joan of Arc's Snapchat username: MaidOfFire
  • Christopher Columbus' Instagram Bio: "Discovered new lands and new filters."
  • Napoleon's Twitter handle: @ShortAndMighty
  • Isaac Newton's YouTube channel: "GravityGuru - Watch me drop some knowledge!"
  • Galileo's astronomy vlog: "Starry-Eyed Science"

Social Media Puns - Literal Puns

  • Why did the social media influencer go broke? Because they couldn't handle the "Insta-bills"!
  • Why did the Facebook post go to jail? It was charged with "identity theft"!
  • Why did the Instagrammer break up with their partner? They couldn't handle the "Snapchat filter"!
  • Why did the Twitter user become a Detective? They were Great at "uncovering tweets"!
  • Why did the YouTube video go on a diet? It wanted to shed some "video bytes"!
  • Why did the social media marketer become a Gardener? They had a Green Thumb for "growing followers"!
  • Why did the Snapchat user become a Magician? They were great at "vanishing stories"!
  • Why did the LinkedIn user become a Chef? They had a knack for "networking recipes"!
  • Why did the TikTok star become a Pilot? They loved "taking off" with their videos!
  • Why did the Reddit user become a Doctor? They were skilled at "performing karma surgeries"!

Social Media Puns

  • I'm so addicted to social media, it's become my main "feed" of entertainment.
  • My friend asked me to like his post, but I told him I'm more of a "thumbs down" kind of person.
  • I told my Mom I was going to unfriend her on Facebook, and she said, "Don't worry, I've already blocked you!"
  • I tried to make a funny tweet, but it was a total "hashtag fail."
  • My Instagram account got hacked, but I guess you could say it was a "filter breach."
  • I started a YouTube channel about gardening, but it never grew on me.
  • I asked my crush for their Snapchat handle, and they said, "Sorry, I only accept 'snacks' not 'snaps'."
  • I tried to take a selfie with my Dog, but he just kept "pawsing" the moment.
  • I asked Siri to find me a Date, and she said, "I'm sorry, I can't help with your 'social' life."
  • I posted a picture of my Breakfast on social media, and someone commented, "Looks 'egg-cellent'!"

Social Media Puns Galore!

  • Why did the social media platform break up with the internet? It couldn't handle the constant scrolling!
  • What do you call a tweet from a chicken? Poultry in motion!
  • Why did the Instagrammer bring a Ladder to the photoshoot? Because they wanted to reach new heights!
  • How does a social media influencer stay cool? They have a lot of fans!
  • What did the Facebook post say to the comment? "You really like me!"
  • Why was the YouTube video so Good at baking? It had a lot of subscribers!
  • What do you call a group of musical Twitter users? A bandwidth!
  • Why was the Snapchat Ghost so well-liked? It had a lot of spirit!
  • What did the TikTok user say to the Dance Floor? "Let's make this viral!"
  • Why was the LinkedIn user so successful? They knew how to network!

Social Media Puns: Rhyming Puns

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchats, these social media platforms are where it's at!
  • Don't be a loner, follow me on Twitter, I'm a real social media punner!
  • Instagram is my Jam, I filter my photos, I don't give a damn!
  • Snapchat stories, full of glory, capturing moments, it's pure allegory!
  • Facebook Friends, from beginning to end, always liking and commenting, they truly transcend!
  • Tweeting away, every single day, spreading puns and laughter, come join the fray!
  • Hashtag this, hashtag that, social media puns, they're where it's at!
  • Sharing memes, fulfilling dreams, social media puns, bursting at the seams!
  • Double tap for Love, share it from above, social media puns, I can't get enough!
  • LinkedIn connections, professional collections, networking with puns, it's my main selection!

Social Media Spoonerism Puns

  • Snapping Chat
  • Twitter Follower Titter
  • InstaGrab Your Gram
  • TikTalk
  • FaceSnap
  • LinkInStagram
  • Pinsterest
  • YouSwoob
  • BookFace
  • TumbleInsta

Social Media Anagram Puns

  • Insta-gram = Am star, gin
  • Facebook = Conk Abe
  • Twitter = Write rot
  • Snapchat = Pants chap
  • LinkedIn = End in line
  • TikTok = Kit took
  • Pinterest = Enter spin
  • Tumblr = Blurt me
  • WhatsApp = What app?
  • Reddit = Tried it

Social Media Puns That Will Make You LOL

  • Why did the Instagrammer break up with their partner? They were tired of living in their shadow.
  • What did the Snapchat say to the Facebook? "You're just not my type."
  • Why don't social media platforms ever get into arguments? They always find a way to untag themselves.
  • How does a Twitter user stay cool? They stand near their fans.
  • What did the TikTok user say to their friend when they were late? "You're taking forever to load, just like my videos."
  • Why don't social media platforms ever play hide and seek? Because they always like to be tagged.
  • What do you call a group of YouTubers? A subscriber-ine.
  • Why did the influencer bring a ladder to the photoshoot? They wanted to reach new heights of fame.
  • How does a social media addict make sure they never miss a post? They set up a "scroll" reminder.
  • What's a social media manager's favorite type of music? Hashtag-Hip-Hop.