Can't Stop the Puns: 100+ Karaoke Jokes That'll Hit the Right Note!

Karaoke Puns

Looking to hit all the right notes with your sense of humor? Get ready to rock the mic and roll with laughter because we've compiled over 100 karaoke puns that will have you singing a new tune of comedy. From pitch-perfect puns to melodious wordplay, this collection will have you harmonizing with hilarity in no time. So warm up those vocal cords, grab the mic, and get ready to hit the pun-derful high notes of humor with our karaoke-themed jokes. Whether you're a karaoke connoisseur or a shower-singing superstar, these puns are sure to strike a chord and leave you laughing all night long. Get ready to take center stage in the world of karaoke puns and let the laughter be your encore!

Rocking Karaoke Puns

  • When the karaoke machine broke down, IT was a real mic drop moment.
  • I tried to sing a duet with my friend, but it didn't harmonize well.
  • My favorite song to sing at karaoke is about a boomerang - it always comes Back to me!
  • Why did the microphone go to therapy? It had too many issues with feedback.
  • At the karaoke Bar, I sang a song by The Police - it was quite arresting!
  • My friend tried to Rap at karaoke, but it was a total wrap battle.
  • The karaoke machine got a sore throat, so it needed a Little rest and re-chorus.
  • When I sang a Love ballad, the audience was Heart-melodized.
  • Why don't fish make Good karaoke singers? Because they're always off-Key!
  • My karaoke performance was so Bad, it made the audience want to flee-twood Mac!

Karaoke Puns - Humor with Tom Swifties

  • He sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" with such enthusiasm, Freddie would be proud. (Freddie Mercury)
  • "I Can't Get No Satisfaction," he crooned, as his karaoke career hit a high note. (Mick Jagger)
  • "I'm a Believer," he said, as he realized his love for karaoke was no longer a joke. (The Monkees)
  • "Don't Stop Believin'," he exclaimed, as he nailed every high note. (Journey)
  • "I Will Always Love You," she sang, as her karaoke performance stole the show. (Whitney Houston)
  • "Hit Me Baby One More Time," he joked, as he requested another karaoke song. (Britney Spears)
  • "I Just Called to Say I Love You," he chuckled, as he dialed up his favorite karaoke bar. (Stevie Wonder)
  • "Sweet Child O' Mine," he smirked, as he took the stage and rocked the karaoke mic. (Guns N' Roses)
  • "Dancing Queen," she giggled, as she showed off her moves during her karaoke performance. (ABBA)
  • "Livin' on a Prayer," he quipped, as he relied on the karaoke crowd to sing along with him. (Bon Jovi)

Hilarious Historical Karaoke Puns

  • When the Pharaoh wanted to sing, he said "Let my people croon!"
  • King Henry VIII's favorite karaoke song was "Divorced, Beheaded, Karaoke'd!"
  • Joan of Arc's go-to karaoke anthem was "Light My Fire" by The Doors.
  • Beethoven's favorite karaoke song was "Ode to Karaoke Night!"
  • Marie Antoinette's karaoke motto was "Let them sing Cake!"
  • Leonardo da Vinci invented the first karaoke machine called "Vocal Lisa".
  • Cleopatra's favorite karaoke genre was "Nile Country".
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed a karaoke symphony called "The Magic Mic".
  • Julius Caesar loved to sing karaoke duets with his BFF, Brutus.
  • Amelia Earhart's karaoke hit was "I Will Survive (and Land My Plane)".

Karaoke Puns

  • I tried to sing on a Boat, but it was a sinking duet.
  • Singing karaoke is like a high note - it really crescendos my spirits.
  • The karaoke machine wanted to start a Band, but it couldn't find the right chord.
  • I wanted to sing a song about gardening, but I couldn't find the right pitchfork.
  • When I sang karaoke, the audience thought I was hitting all the wrong notes, but I was just practicing my Jazz hands.
  • I entered a karaoke contest, but I got disqualified for using too much auto-tune. They said I was a "cheater-oke."
  • I sang karaoke in the shower, but the Water kept interrupting my solo with its own rendition of "Splashdance."
  • I tried to sing a duet with a Parrot, but it kept squawking all the wrong lyrics. Talk about a "bird-oke"!
  • I sang karaoke with a group of cows, but they were all tone-deaf. It was a real "Moo-sical" experience.
  • I sang karaoke at a Zoo, and the lions joined in with their own roaring chorus. It was a real "wild-oke" night!

Double Entendre Puns

  • Why did the karaoke machine go to therapy? It had trouble finding its voice and needed to Work out its "pitch" issues.
  • What do you call a karaoke singer who can't hit the high notes? A "treble" maker!
  • Why did the karaoke singer bring a Ladder on stage? They wanted to reach new "heights" with their performance.
  • What did the karaoke singer say when their performance was interrupted by a power outage? "Looks like I've been left in the dark!"
  • Why did the karaoke singer become a boxer? They wanted to show off their "punch"lines!
  • What do you call a group of karaoke singers who are always out of tune? The "disharmonizers"!
  • Why did the karaoke singer bring a map on stage? They didn't want to "lose Track" of their lyrics.
  • What did the karaoke singer say when their microphone broke during a performance? "Looks like my performance just hit a 'mic'ro glitch!"
  • Why did the karaoke singer become a Chef? They wanted to "Spice up" their performances!
  • What do you call a karaoke singer who always forgets the lyrics? A "song-amnesiac"!

Karaoke Puns

  • Why did the singer bring a ladder to the karaoke bar? Because they wanted to reach the high notes!
  • What do you call a karaoke singer who can't find their keys? A tone-deaf locksmith!
  • Why did the karaoke singer bring a map to the performance? Because they didn't want to get lost in the lyrics!
  • Why did the karaoke singer take a nap before their performance? So they could hit all the right ZZZs!
  • Why did the karaoke singer become a Gardener? Because they had a passion for hitting the right "pitch"!
  • What do you call a karaoke singer who loves to bake? A melodious Pastry chef!
  • Why did the karaoke singer become a hairdresser? Because they had a knack for hitting the perfect "curls"!
  • Why did the karaoke singer join a gym? They wanted to work on their vocal "chords"!
  • What do you call a karaoke singer who loves to Travel? A globetrotting crooner!
  • Why did the karaoke singer become a Detective? They had a talent for hitting the right "notes" during interrogations!

Karaoke Rhyming Puns

  • Sing it and Wing it at the karaoke ring!
  • Don't be a bore, karaoke some more!
  • Strike a chord, be the karaoke lord!
  • Don't be shy, give karaoke a try!
  • Be a star, sing karaoke from afar!
  • Let the music flow, at the karaoke show!
  • Rock the mic, karaoke all night!
  • Don't be flat, sing karaoke like a Cat!
  • Unleash your voice, make karaoke your choice!
  • Hit the high notes, and karaoke with gloats!

Krazy Karaoke Spoonerism Puns

  • Sing your fart out instead of Sing your heart out
  • I'm a crappella singer instead of a capella singer
  • Let's rock and Bowl instead of Let's Roll-puns">Rock and Roll
  • Twist and shart instead of Twist and shout
  • I'm a lousy crooner instead of I'm a lousy tuner
  • Hit me with your wet Shot instead of Hit me with your best shot
  • I've got the runs tonight instead of I've got the lungs tonight
  • Can't help Falling in glove instead of Can't help falling in love
  • Don't stop relieving instead of Don't stop believing
  • We will fock you instead of We will rock you

Amusing Anagram Karaoke Puns

  • Rake A Okra
  • Karaoke Roan
  • Oar Karaoke
  • Karaoke Rank
  • Karaoke Nark
  • Karaoke Ark
  • Rake An Oak
  • Karaoke Karn
  • Karaoke Nor
  • Oaken Karro

Karaoke Puns That Will Hit the Right Note

  • When I sing "I Will Survive" at karaoke, I take it very seriously – it's my Gloria Gaynor moment.
  • My friend's karaoke performance was so bad, I told him he should Stick to just singing in the shower – at least the shampoo bottles won't heckle him.
  • After a few drinks, I become a karaoke rockstar – until the next morning when I see the videos.
  • At karaoke, I like to sing "Don't Stop Believin'" – it's my way of Encouraging the audience to endure my singing.
  • Why did the karaoke singer bring a ladder? To reach those high notes, of course!
  • When I go to a karaoke bar, I always request "Sweet Caroline" because the "Bah bah bah" part allows for audience participation and covers up my lack of vocal talent.
  • My favorite thing about karaoke is the duets – it's the only time I can convince someone to harmonize with my off-key singing.
  • My friend's karaoke performance was so bad, I told him he should consider a career in lip-syncing – at least then he wouldn't torture people's ears.
  • I went to a themed karaoke night dressed as Elvis, but my singing was so bad, I think even the King would have left the Building.
  • Why don't ghosts like karaoke? Because they can't find a boo-th with good acoustics!