Thunderously Funny: 100+ Thor Puns to Hammer Your Funny Bone

Thor Puns

Are you ready to unleash the power of laughter in Asgard? Look no further, because we've assembled a collection of over 100 Thor puns that will hammer you with hilarity! From Mjolnir-ous one-liners to thunderously funny wordplay, these puns will have you roaring with laughter like an angry Norse god. So grab your cape, summon your inner Loki, and prepare for a pun-tastic journey through the realm of Thor-themed humor. Whether you're a die-hard Marvel fan or just appreciate a good pun, these jokes will certainly bring the thunder and put a smile on your face. So get ready to unleash your inner comedian and let the puns fly like lightning bolts. Get your funny bone ready because it's time to embark on a pun-tastic adventure with Thor puns that are worthy of a standing ovation!

The Thunderous Puns

  • Why did Thor start a bakery? Because he kneads the dough!
  • What did Thor say when he couldn't find his Hammer? "This is just unthor-tunate!"
  • Why did Thor become a Gardener? Because he loves to make IT Rain!
  • How did Thor win the baking competition? He had the mightiest whisk!
  • Why was Thor always invited to parties? Because he knows how to throw a hammering Good Time!
  • What did Thor say when he accidentally dropped his hammer? "Oh, Thor-rible!"
  • Why did Thor open a gym? Because he wanted to show off his thunderous gains!
  • What did Thor say when he saw a Cute Puppy? "Aww, that's so Thor-dorable!"
  • Why did Thor join a Band? Because he wanted to rock the world with his electric guitar solos!
  • What did Thor say when he saw a storm coming? "Looks like I'm in for a thor-midable challenge!"

Thor Puns: Humor with Tom Swifties

  • Thor said, "I'm feeling electrified," shockingly.
  • "I can't lift Mjolnir," Thor hammered Home.
  • "Can you help me find my hammer?" Thor asked, aimlessly.
  • Thor exclaimed, "I'm the God of thunder," thunderously.
  • "I'm always ready for battle," Thor said, warily.
  • Thor declared, "I'm the strongest Avenger," mightily.
  • "I'm going to Asgard," Thor rumbled.
  • "I'm going to use my lightning powers," Thor said, strikingly.
  • Thor boasted, "I'm the ruler of Asgard," regally.
  • "I'm going to fight Loki," Thor said, mischievously.

Hilarious Historical Thor Puns:

  • Thor was a Great Viking warrior, but he was also a terrible dancer. He always had two left feet, or should I say, two left hammers!
  • When Thor was feeling down, his Friends would always tell him to be positive. But he couldn't help it, he was always charged with negative ions!
  • Did you hear about Thor's failed attempt to become a Chef? He couldn't handle the Heat in the kitchen, especially when it came to Frying pans!
  • Thor tried to open a bakery, but it didn't Work out. His Bread always ended up a Little Thor, and his customers couldn't handle the might!
  • Why did Thor become a historian? Because he wanted to make his-story, One hammer Swing at a time!
  • Thor wanted to become a teacher, but he struggled with the curriculum. He could never remember if it was "Alfred the Great" or "Alfred the Thunderous!"
  • Thor once tried to be a stand-up comedian, but his jokes always fell flat. I guess you could say he lacked the punchline!
  • When Thor goes to the library, he always asks for a Book on the supernatural. He's just really into Norse ghosts and Thor-tal activity!
  • Thor was a big Fan of Shakespeare, but he always had trouble memorizing his lines. He just couldn't handle all the "To Be or Not to Be-thor"!
  • Thor's favorite historical figure is Cleopatra. He thinks she's absolutely stunning, or should I say, "thunder-ing"!

Funny Literal Thor Puns:

  • Thor is such a hammer-some guy!
  • Thor always has a smashing time!
  • Thor's lightning strikes are shockingly good!
  • Thor is a real thunder-sensation!
  • Thor is always ready to thunder-go!
  • Thor really knows how to wield his might!
  • Thor's strength is truly awe-thor-Inspiring!
  • Thor's power is truly hammer-azing!
  • Thor's jokes are always thunder-ously funny!
  • Thor is the god of thund-hilarity!

Thunderously Funny Double Entendre Puns

  • Why did Thor Break Up with his girlfriend? She just couldn't handle his lightning wit!
  • Thor's favorite type of music? Heavy thunder rock!
  • What does Thor use to style his Hair? Mjolnir gel!
  • How does Thor keep in touch with his friends? He sends them electric-mail!
  • Why don't people mess with Thor's garden? Because he's got a shocking Green Thumb!
  • What did Thor say when he had to do Laundry? "Time to tackle the thunderwear!"
  • How does Thor always win at hide and seek? He's a real lightning bolt at it!
  • What do you call a Party thrown by Thor? A thunder bash!
  • Why did Thor go to therapy? He had too much emotional thunderstorm!
  • What's Thor's favorite Dessert? Shocklate Cake!

Thor Puns - Paronomasia Puns

  • Thor really hammers home the puns!
  • When Thor tells a joke, it's always a thunderous success.
  • Thor might be the God of Thunder, but he's also the God of Punderful Puns!
  • Thor's puns are so electrifying, they'll shock you!
  • Thor's puns are so powerful, they can Mjölnir you over!
  • Thor's puns are always on point, they never miss the Loki.
  • If you're not laughing at Thor's puns, you're just Thor-ful!
  • Thor's puns have a smashing impact, they're truly hammer-azing!
  • Thor's puns are like lightning, they strike you with laughter!
  • Thor's puns are legendary, they're truly Asgard-ian!

Rhyme Time with Thor Puns!

  • Thor sure knows how to swing his Mjolnir, he's a real hammer-timer!
  • When Thor gets tired, he takes a power nap in Asgard, it's his thunder rest!
  • Thor's favorite Breakfast Cereal? Thunder Flakes, of course!
  • Thor's favorite dessert? Lightning Pie, it's shockingly delicious!
  • Thor's favorite Dance move? The thunder shuffle, it's electrifying!
  • When Thor plays hide and seek, he always wins because he's so thor-oughly hidden!
  • What's Thor's favorite song? "I Don't Want to Miss a Thor" by Aerosmith!
  • Thor's favorite TV show? "Game of Thors", it's a real Nail-biter!
  • When Thor's feeling down, he listens to his favorite band, AC/Thor!
  • Thor's favorite drink? Thunderade, it really packs a punch!

Funny Thor Spoonerism Puns

  • Whore Mjolnir
  • Thundersome Thor
  • Stormy Thorgasm
  • Mighty Thorgasm
  • Thunderous Whorus
  • Thorgasmic Lightning
  • Thor's Hammer Whammy
  • Whoredom of Thunder
  • Thor's Mighty Wham
  • Whore of Thunderbolts

Thunderous Anagram Puns

  • Roth: Oh, the mighty god of thunder!
  • Hurt: What happens when you make Thor angry?
  • Rhot: The sound Thor's hammer makes when it hits something.
  • Torch: What Thor uses to light up the Sky during a thunderstorm.
  • Rot: When Thor's jokes are a bit stale.
  • Roth: The Famous rock band that Thor started in Asgard.
  • Thro: The sound of thunder in the distance.
  • Roth: What Thor does when he's trying to figure out a problem.
  • Rhot: The temperature of Thor's lightning strikes.
  • Thro: What Thor's friends do when he tells a Bad joke.

Situational Puns About Thor

  • When Thor started a bakery, he called it "The Rolling Thunder Bakery."
  • Thor's favorite dance move? The Thunder Stomp!
  • Thor's preferred mode of transportation? The Thundermobile.
  • Thor's favorite type of music? Heavy Thunder Metal.
  • Thor's favorite book series? The Thunder Chronicles.
  • Thor's preferred drink? Thunderade.
  • When Thor gets a Haircut, it's always a thunderous experience.
  • Thor's favorite Weather forecast? 100% chance of thunderstorms.
  • Thor's favorite dessert? Thundercake.
  • Thor's preferred workout? Thunderous squats.