Totally '90s Puns: 100+ Hilarious and Rad Jokes That'll Make You Say 'As If!'

90s Puns

Are you ready to take a groovy trip down memory lane? Look no further because we've got over 100 gnarly 90s puns that will have you rolling on the floor, laughing like it's 1999. From "N'SYNC-ere" wordplay to "Spice Up Your Life" jokes, these puns will transport you back to the era of slap bracelets and Tamagotchis. Get ready to party like it's 1999 with some totally rad and pun-tastic humor that will make you say, "As if!" Whether you're a 90s kid or just love the nostalgia, these puns will definitely tickle your funny bone. So grab your Walkman, put on your flannel shirt, and get ready to groove to the beat of these hilarious and witty jokes. Let's pun it up, 90s style!

Simply Punderful: 90s Puns

  • What did the 90s Computer say to the 2000s computer? "You've got mail... but IT's all spam!"
  • Why did the 90s Kid bring a Ladder to the Bar? Because they heard the drinks were "on the House!"
  • How did the 90s phone propose to its partner? It asked, "Will you be my dial-tone?"
  • Why did the 90s TV show go to therapy? It had too many issues!
  • What did the 90s denim say to the 90s leather jacket? "You complete me, but I'm still the jean-ius here!"
  • Why did the 90s Cereal refuse to listen to music? It said, "I don't want any pop in my Breakfast!"
  • What did the 90s Hair Band say to the 90s boy band? "We're all tied up in knots over who has the best hair!"
  • Why did the 90s video Game console Break Up with its controller? It said, "You're always pressing my buttons!"
  • How did the 90s fashion designer describe their Work? "It's all that and a bag of chips!"
  • Why did the 90s Car refuse to start? It said, "I'm tired of being driven to the edge!"

Tom Swifties Puns

  • I lost my 90s music collection. "I guess I'm CD-spondent," he said.
  • "I'm craving some 90s Candy," she said sweetly.
  • "I can't believe I missed the 90s fashion trend," he said in denim-ial.
  • "I'm having a 90s Movie marathon," he said dramatically.
  • "I just bought a 90s video game console," he said joy-Stick-ly.
  • "I'm going to a 90s-themed Party," she said with nostalgic flair.
  • "I need a 90s hairstyle," he said bluntly.
  • "I'm feeling 90s vibes," she said grunge-ily.
  • "I'm wearing a 90s band t-shirt," he said shirt-faced.
  • "I'm going to a 90s Dance party," she said with a Groovy Beat.

Time-Traveling Puns

  • Why did the 90s computer go to therapy? It had too many Windows to deal with.
  • What do you call a 90s pop star who loves to garden? Britney Spears-Mint.
  • How did the 90s phone propose to its charger? It gave it a Ring.
  • Why did the 90s fashion designer break up with their partner? They were tired of all the corduroy.
  • What did the 90s TV say to the remote? "I think I'm in control here."
  • Why did the 90s car start a band? It wanted to be a rock convertible.
  • How did the 90s Coffee greet its friend? "Hey there, macchiato!"
  • Why did the 90s School dance have a theme? It wanted to be totally rad-ical.
  • What did the 90s Calendar say to the 2000s calendar? "I've got a Date with destiny."
  • Why did the 90s refrigerator go to therapy? It had trouble letting things go.

Literal Puns: 90s Edition

  • Why did the 90s computer go on a diet? It wanted to become slim and floppy!
  • What did the 90s phone say to the 2000s phone? "I'm sorry, I can't text, I'm just not Smart enough!"
  • Why did the 90s TV refuse to play the latest shows? It said, "I'm stuck in the past, I can't handle the present!"
  • What do you call a 90s hairstyle that's also a Detective? Mullet P.I.!
  • Why did the 90s fashionista become a Gardener? She had a flair for floral prints!
  • What did the 90s video game console say to the new PlayStation? "I'm still game, but I'm just a bit pixelated!"
  • Why did the 90s car break down? It couldn't handle the CD changer, it was just too much baggage!
  • What do you call a 90s band that loves to eat? The Spice Grrrls!
  • Why did the 90s skateboarder start a bakery? He wanted to Roll in some dough!
  • What do you call a 90s TV show about a group of Friends who never leave the coffee shop? Brew'd!

Double Trouble: 90s Puns

  • Why did the 90s computer break up with its girlfriend? It couldn't handle the attachment issues.
  • How did the 90s TV show greet its audience? "Welcome to the So Last Century Show!"
  • What did the 90s denim jacket say to the leather jacket? "You're not as 'jean' uine as me!"
  • Why did the 90s phone go to therapy? It had too many missed calls from its past.
  • What did the 90s hair gel say to the mousse? "You're really foaming at the mouth today!"
  • How did the 90s CD player console its friend? "Don't worry, you're still 'spinning' in my Heart."
  • Why did the 90s skateboard break up with its wheels? "I need some Space to roll on my own."
  • What did the 90s sitcom say to the drama series? "You're really 'reeling' in the emotions."
  • Why did the 90s video game console break up with the joystick? "I need someone who's more 'in control'."
  • How did the 90s fashion trends describe themselves? "We're 'ripped' and ready to roll!"

Rocking 90s Puns

  • What do you call a 90s denim enthusiast? A jean-ius!
  • Why did the 90s computer break up with its keyboard? It wanted a more "clickable" Relationship.
  • How did the 90s phone propose? It went down on One Knee and said, "Will you be my cordless mate?"
  • What did the 90s Hip-Hop artist say when asked about his favorite exercise? "I'm all about the rappin' ABS, baby!"
  • Why did the 90s TV refuse to play games? It didn't want to get "boxed" in.
  • How did the 90s car greet its owner? It said, "I wheel-y like you!"
  • What do you call a 90s fashion icon? A trend-setter!
  • Why did the 90s hair salon get so popular? It had a "cutting-edge" style.
  • How did the 90s Couch express its feelings? It said, "I'm sofa so Good!"
  • What did the 90s Fridge say to the leftovers? "Chill out, we're in it for the long haul!"

Radical Rhyming Puns from the 90s

  • I bought a new mixtape, it's 90s bliss, now I'm jammin' to the sound of Boyz II Men-kissed!
  • My fashion sense is so fly, I'm the 90s trendsetter, rockin' high-waisted jeans that'll make you feel better!
  • I went to a party and danced all night, I was the Macarena master, movin' left and right!
  • My jokes are like Friends reruns, they never get old, they're always Fun!
  • I'm the King of pop culture, you can call me the 90s prince, my references are so fresh, they never make you wince!
  • I'm a 90s kid, my slang is on fleek, when I drop a pun, it's guaranteed to make you creak!
  • I'm a Fan of grunge, I Nirvana let go, my puns are like Pearl Jam, they steal the show!
  • I'm a hip-hop fan, I Love the 90s Rap, my puns are straight outta Compton, they'll make you clap!
  • I'm a movie buff from the 90s, my puns are cinematic Gold, they'll make you laugh 'til your sides unfold!
  • I'm a gamer from the 90s, my puns are pixel-perfect, they'll level up your laughter, you won't regret!

Slip of the Tongue: 90s Spoonerism Puns

  • Nintendo 64 becomes "Nin-tendon 64"
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air becomes "Bresh Fince of Pell-Air"
  • Spice Girls becomes "Gice Spirls"
  • Backstreet Boys becomes "Backsheet Buoys"
  • Full House becomes "Hull Fouse"
  • Power Rangers becomes "Rower Pangers"
  • Titanic becomes "Tatanic"
  • Macarena becomes "Macarame"
  • Pulp Fiction becomes "Fulp Piction"
  • Super Mario becomes "Muper Sario"

Anagram Puns: 90s Edition

  • Madonna = Do Banana
  • Nirvana = Air Van, Ran Via
  • Britney Spears = Best Brainy Reps
  • Backstreet Boys = Bakery Boss Cats
  • Spice Girls = Price Sings
  • Will Smith = Slim With
  • Tom Cruise = Moist Cure
  • Leonardo DiCaprio = I Acclaim A Pro Idol
  • Mariah Carey = Hair May Race
  • Michael Jackson = Jam Chalk into Ice

Freaky "Puns" from the 90s

  • Why did the computer go to the 90s party? It wanted to network with other "files"!
  • Why did the 90s phone break up with its partner? It couldn't handle the "disconnect"!
  • Why did the 90s fashionista refuse to share her clothes? She didn't want anyone to be "jean-ious" like her!
  • Why did the 90s kid refuse to eat his vegetables? He didn't want to "spice" things up!
  • Why did the 90s movie director always carry a ladder? He wanted to "reach new heights" with his films!
  • Why did the 90s rock band refuse to play at the Zoo? They didn't want to be known as the "Hippo-potential"!
  • Why did the 90s gamer always lose? He couldn't "console" himself enough!
  • Why did the 90s hairdresser have a successful salon? She always knew how to "tress to impress"!
  • Why did the 90s detective solve crimes so quickly? He had the "case" of intuition!
  • Why did the 90s athlete always have a high score? He was on a "winning streak"!