100+ Superheroic Marvel Puns That Will Leave You Thor-oughly Amused!

Marvel Puns

Looking to add a super dose of humor to your day? Look no further than our collection of over 100 Marvel puns that will have you Hulk-smashing with laughter. From Iron Man to Thor-ific, these puns will take you on a heroic journey through the Marvel universe. So buckle up and get ready to swing into action with some hilarious and witty jokes that will elevate your sense of humor to new heights. Whether you're a die-hard Avengers fan or just someone who loves a good pun, these jokes will definitely be your ultimate source of pun-derful entertainment. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as we dive into the world of Marvel puns.

Marvelous Marvel Puns

  • Why did Iron Man join the Band? Because he heard they needed a heavy Metal guitarist!
  • What do you call Thor when he’s feeling unsure? Thunderstood!
  • Why did Black Widow open a bakery? Because she wanted to make some dough!
  • How does Spider-Man take his Coffee? With a Little web and Sugar!
  • What’s Black Panther’s favorite kind of Tea? Wakanda Chamomile!
  • Why did the Hulk Break Up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t handle his incredible temper!
  • How does Doctor Strange keep his clothes Wrinkle-free? With Ironing Man!
  • What’s Captain America’s favorite music? Star-Spangled Bangers!
  • Why did Groot go to school? To get a little more “rooted” in education!
  • What do you call a mischievous Loki? A low-Key troublemaker!

Marvel Puns: Humor with Tom Swifties

  • Iron Man said, "I can't believe I got caught stealing. I've been framed!"
  • Captain America exclaimed, "I just found the perfect shield for my Halloween Costume. IT's a marvel!"
  • Thor declared, "I can't get enough of these Superhero movies. They're truly hammering it Home!"
  • Hulk grumbled, "I can't find my favorite shirt. I guess it's just a ruff-ial situation."
  • Black Widow sighed, "I tried to organize my secret files, but they're all tangled up. It's a real web of mysteries!"
  • Doctor Strange mused, "I can see into the future, but I still have trouble predicting the punchlines. It's a strange talent!"
  • Spider-Man quipped, "I started a pest control Business, specializing in getting rid of radioactive spiders. It's a web-based service!"
  • Black Panther whispered, "I'm planning a surprise Party for Tony Stark. It's going to be a really vibranium celebration!"
  • Ant-Man joked, "I entered a bug-Eating contest and won. Guess you could say I really bugged the competition!"
  • Scarlet Witch grinned, "I can make anything disappear with just a wave of my hand. It's Magic, or should I say, 'hex-cellent'!"

Historical Puns

  • Why did Captain America become a historian? Because he wanted to make History!
  • Why did Iron Man visit the Renaissance Fair? Because he wanted to see some Art in Tony Stark style!
  • What did Thor say when he discovered ancient ruins? "Looks like I've stumbled upon some Norse history!"
  • Why did Black Widow excel in her history class? Because she was a master at weaving tales!
  • What did Hawkeye say when he found an ancient arrowhead? "This is a historical bullseye!"
  • Why did Ant-Man become fascinated with ancient civilizations? Because he loved exploring tiny traces of history!
  • What did the Hulk say when he saw a statue of Julius Caesar? "Et tu, Brute? Looks like someone made you angry too!"
  • Why did Doctor Strange become a history buff? Because he wanted to learn about the mystical origins of Time!
  • What did Black Panther say when he discovered an ancient Egyptian artifact? "Wakanda believe it, I've found a piece of history!"
  • Why did Spider-Man enjoy studying history? Because he loved uncovering the web of historical events!

Marvelous Literal Puns

  • Why did Iron Man join a gym? Because he wanted to get "iron" in shape!
  • What did Thor say when he couldn't find his Hammer? "I'm really "hammered" right now!"
  • Why did Black Widow start a garden? She wanted to "spin" a web of beautiful flowers!
  • What did Captain America say when he saw the price of his favorite Cereal? "This is "cereal"-ly expensive!"
  • Why did Hulk become a Chef? He wanted to "smash" those cooking skills!
  • What did Spider-Man say to his friend at the beach? "I'm having a "web-sational" time!"
  • Why did Ant-Man become a teacher? Because he wanted to "shrink" down the size of student-teacher ratios!
  • Why did Doctor Strange become a musician? He wanted to "harmonize" the dimensions!
  • What did Black Panther say when he won the lottery? "I'm the "purr-fect" winner!"
  • Why did Groot open a bakery? He wanted to "root" for the best pastries in town!

Double the Fun: Marvel Puns

  • Why did Iron Man join the band? Because he heard they needed a lead guitarist.
  • What do you call it when Thor makes a Bad joke? A thunderous applause.
  • Why did Black Widow open a bakery? She wanted to make some killer pastries.
  • How does Spider-Man take his coffee? With a little web and cream.
  • Why did Captain America start a Landscaping business? He wanted to make the world a better place, One Lawn at a time.
  • What's the Hulk's favorite day of the week? SMASH-day!
  • Why did Doctor Strange become a chef? He wanted to create some truly magical dishes.
  • What's Black Panther's favorite type of music? Meow-sic.
  • How does Ant-Man stay in shape? He does a lot of little reps.
  • Why did the Avengers start a Plumbing company? They wanted to unclog the world from evil.

Marvelous Marvel Puns

  • Why did Iron Man join the band? Because he heard they needed a little more "metal"!
  • What did Spider-Man say to the fly? "You're in my web of trouble!"
  • Why did Black Widow open a bakery? Because she wanted to make some "super rolls"!
  • What does Thor use to style his Hair? "Hammers and gel"!
  • Why did Captain America start a gardening business? He wanted to plant "super seeds" of Hope!
  • How does the Hulk like his Steak? "Well done"!
  • What do you call a group of Marvel superheroes taking a selfie? An "Avenger's snapshot"!
  • Why did Ant-Man become a comedian? He wanted to tell "small jokes" with a big impact!
  • What's Black Panther's favorite type of music? "Purr-fect harmony"!
  • Why did Doctor Strange go to art school? He wanted to master "strange art forms"!

Rhyming Puns: Marvel Puns

  • Iron Man's favorite Fruit is the melon, because it's so incredible.
  • When Thor went to the bakery, he asked for thunder rolls.
  • Black Widow's favorite type of tea is spider Mint.
  • Hulk's favorite type of exercise is smash-ups.
  • Captain America loves to eat star-spangled pancakes.
  • Doctor Strange's favorite type of music is sorcerer's Rap.
  • Spider-Man loves to eat webcakes for Breakfast.
  • Ant-Man always carries mite-y spray with him.
  • Black Panther's favorite Dessert is Paw-some Pie.
  • When Captain Marvel goes grocery shopping, she always buys supermarket deals.

Marvelous Spoonerism Puns

  • Iron Man ➔ Miron Ian
  • Spider-Man ➔ Mider-Span
  • Thor ➔ More
  • Black Widow ➔ Wack Blidow
  • Hulk ➔ Kulk
  • Captain America ➔ Acaptain Camerica
  • Doctor Strange ➔ Stroctor Dange
  • Black Panther ➔ Pack Blanther
  • Scarlet Witch ➔ Warlet Scitch
  • Ant-Man ➔ Mant-A

Funny Marvel Anagram Puns

  • Iron Man = Man Iron
  • Thor = Hot R
  • Captain America = A Cap In America
  • Black Widow = Wild Blacko
  • Hawkeye = Key Wahoo
  • Hulk = Luhk
  • Black Panther = Panther Black
  • Doctor Strange = Cat Rots Nerd
  • Spider-Man = Raped Snim
  • Ant-Man = Tan Man

Marvelous Situational Puns

  • When Spider-Man joined the band, he became the webmaster.
  • Thor's favorite music genre is heavy metal.
  • When Iron Man is cooking, he uses a ferrous pan.
  • Hulk's garden is incredible – it's always smashing!
  • Black Widow's favorite sport is spider web weaving.
  • Doctor Strange's favorite meal is sorcery chicken Curry.
  • Captain America's favorite Restaurant is Shield's Diner.
  • Ant-Man is a Great cook – he always knows the recipe for success.
  • When the Avengers go shopping, they always get the super-saver discount.
  • Wolverine's favorite dessert is clawberry pie.