Say It with Puns: 100+ Hilarious Greeting Card Puns to Make Your Occasions Unforgettable!

Greeting Card Puns

Are you ready to elevate your card-giving game with over 100 greeting card puns that will leave your friends and family in stitches? From birthday bashes to heartfelt messages, these puns will add a touch of humor and wit to every occasion. Whether you're a pun aficionado or just dipping your toes into the world of wordplay, these puns will surely brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face. So get ready to spread some laughter and joy with these hilarious and pun-derful greeting card puns!

Best Wordplay Puns: Greeting Card Edition

  • "You're knot like the rest - you're a Tie-riffic friend!"
  • "You mean the world to me - you're globe-tally amazing!"
  • "You're a-Paw-able! Thanks for always being Dog-gone Great!"
  • "You're One in a melon - thanks for being Seed-sational!"
  • "You're purr-fectly amazing - thanks for being the Cat's pajamas!"
  • "You're a-maize-ing! Thanks for always popping up in my life!"
  • "You're a real Gem - thanks for shining bright in my life!"
  • "You're Tea-riffic! Thanks for always steeping up when I need you!"
  • "You're a-peeling! Thanks for always being so a-peel-ing!"
  • "You're a-Moo-zing! Thanks for being utterly fantastic!"

Tom Swifties Greeting Card Puns

  • He sent a Birthday card to the Chef, saying, "I Hope you have an egg-cellent day!"
  • "Congratulations on your promotion," she said card-lessly.
  • "Love-you-puns">I Love You to the Moon and Back," he said romantically in his space-themed card.
  • "I'm sorry for your loss," he said gravely in his sympathy card.
  • "Happy Anniversary," she said happily in her Marriage-themed card.
  • "I'm so excited for your Wedding," she said gaily in her Bridal-themed card.
  • "I'm here for you," he said supportively in his Friendship card.
  • "You're one in a melon," she said fruitfully in her Cute card.
  • "Happy Retirement," he said pensively in his Farewell card.
  • "You're the missing piece to my Puzzle," she said puzzlingly in her love card.

Historical Puns

  • Why did the ancient Egyptian send a greeting card? To pharaoh you a Happy Birthday!
  • Did you hear about the Roman who loved greeting cards? He had a Julius Caesar-d!”
  • What did the medieval Knight write in his greeting card? “I hope your day is armor-able!”
  • Why did the Pirate send a greeting card? Because he arrr-dmires you!
  • How did the caveman Sign his greeting card? “Rock on with your birthday!”
  • What did the ancient Greek Philosopher write in his greeting card? “Wishing you a Plato Fun!”
  • Why did the Viking send a greeting card? To show some Norse-mality!”
  • What did the medieval jester write in his greeting card? “Have a jest-tastic birthday!”
  • Why did the gladiator send a greeting card? To wish you a “roar-some” birthday!
  • How did the ancient Chinese emperor sign his greeting card? “Emperor-ific wishes for you!”

Greeting Card Puns That Will Make You "Pun"der

  • Life is like a greeting card, IT's all about the sentiment.
  • Don't be "punny", send a card instead!
  • What did the envelope say to the stamp? Stick with me, we make a great pair!
  • My friend asked me to write a greeting card for him, so I put my "sentiment" into it.
  • Why did the greeting card go to therapy? It had too many issues to address.
  • Did you hear about the card that got a job at the bank? It was great at "addressing" financial matters.
  • What do you call a greeting card that tells Dad jokes? A "pun"-tastic Father's Day card!
  • Why did the greeting card Break Up with the envelope? It said their Relationship had lost its "Seal."
  • When the greeting card factory burned down, it was a "card"iac arrest.
  • What did the greeting card say to the birthday Cake? You take the cake!

Greeting Card Puns

  • I'm card-y you're feeling blue
  • You're the gift that keeps on givin' me joy
  • I'll always cherish the moments we've folded
  • Let's Glue our bond and stick together
  • You bring out the best in me, even when I'm feeling stamped
  • I hope this message finds you in Good envelope
  • I couldn't resist sending you my seal of approval
  • You've got my Heart wrapped up in ribbons
  • I'm a Fan of you - let's stay close pals
  • You're one in a million, I'm lucky to have you in my Little Black Book

Greeting Card Puns That'll Make You "Pun"der

  • Hope your birthday is a "card"-io workout with all the cake lifting!
  • Wishing you a "punny" Valentine's Day filled with lots of "heartfelt" laughs.
  • Get Well Soon - we "Leaf" you'll be feeling better in no Time!
  • Congratulations on your new job - you're "write" on Track for success!
  • Thinking of you - just "popping" in to say hello!
  • Happy anniversary! Let's "Taco" 'bout how amazing you are.
  • Condolences - sending you "hugs" and "quiches" during this tough time.
  • Thank you - you're "tea"-riffic and deserve all the "puns" in the world!
  • Good Luck on your exam - you've "got this" like a well-shuffled Deck of cards!
  • Just because - you're "scent"-sational and deserve some "punny" love!

Hilarious Rhyming Puns for Greeting Cards

  • Hope your day is filled with Cheer, May your birthday be the best of the year!
  • Wishing you joy and lots of fun, on this special day, you're second to none!
  • Just a note to say, have a great day, in every possible way!
  • For your anniversary, here's a little rhyme, may your love continue to shine!
  • On this special Date, let's celebrate, with good Food and a clean plate!
  • Just a quick hello, to let you know, you're awesome from Head to toe!
  • Thinking of you on this special occasion, sending love and good vibrations!
  • Here's a card to say, have a fantastic day, in every single way!
  • Just a little rhyme, to wish you a good time, on your special prime!
  • Wishing you love and happiness galore, may your heart always soar!

Hilarious Spoonerism Puns for Greeting Cards

  • Wishing you a hare-y birthday!
  • Hope your day is tea-riffic!
  • Congratu-latte-ions on your achievement!
  • Have a Grape day!
  • You are un-Bear-ably awesome!
  • Thinking of moo on your special day!
  • Hope you have a Whale of a time!
  • Wishing you a hoppy anniversary!
  • Have a punderful day!
  • You're tea-riffic in every way!

Funny Anagram Puns

  • Wishing you a "great" greeting! (Rating: Great)
  • Have an "artsy" day! (Rating: Artsy)
  • Sending you "smiles" in the mail! (Rating: Smiles)
  • Hope your day is "priceless"! (Rating: Priceless)
  • Wishing you lots of "laughter"! (Rating: Laughter)
  • Have a "Smart" and "master"ful day! (Rating: Smart, Masterful)
  • Sending you a "heartfelt" message! (Rating: Heartfelt)
  • Wishing you a "lively" and "lovely" day! (Rating: Lively, Lovely)
  • Have a "blissful" and "sublime" day! (Rating: Blissful, Sublime)
  • Sending you "cheerful" and "carefree" wishes! (Rating: Cheerful, Carefree)


  • I'm not usually one to send greeting cards, but I thought I'd give it a "card"ioptronic try.
  • I bought a greeting card for my friend who loves baking. It said, "You're a whisk-taker!"
  • I sent a greeting card to my claustrophobic friend. Inside it said, "Hope this card gives you some breathing space!"
  • I found a greeting card with a picture of a squirrel on it. The caption read, "Just nutty about you!"
  • I wanted to send a greeting card to my dentist, but I was worried it would be too "tooth" Cheesy.
  • I received a greeting card from my ex. It said, "I'm sorry for the breakup, but let's not make a big "card"ial out of it."
  • I sent a greeting card to my friend who's always late. It said, "Better late than never, but seriously, get a watch!"
  • I bought a greeting card for my Fitness-obsessed friend. It said, "You're a real exercise in card-iology!"
  • I received a greeting card from my sibling. It said, "We may fight like cats and dogs, but you're still "card"inally the best."
  • I wanted to send a greeting card to my Boss, but I couldn't find one that said, "You're the "card"inal reason I come to Work every day!"