March-ing to the Beat of PUN-drum: 100+ Hilarious and Witty March Puns to Make You LOL!

March Puns

Are you ready to march into a world of laughter? We've put together over 100 March puns that will have you dancing with delight. From punny references to springtime shenanigans to clever wordplay about the month itself, these puns are sure to put a spring in your step. So get ready to march to the beat of these hilarious and witty jokes that will have you laughing all the way to April. Whether you're a March enthusiast or just love a good pun, these jokes will definitely put a smile on your face. So tap into your sense of humor and get ready to march into a world of puns that will leave you in stitches!

Top 10 Hilarious March Puns

  • Why did the Calendar go on a diet in March? Because IT had too many dates!
  • What did the tree say to the squirrel in March? "Leaf me alone!"
  • Why did the Clock go to therapy in March? It had trouble keeping its hands to itself!
  • How do you catch a leprechaun in March? You "lure" him in with a pot of gold!
  • Why did the Math Book look sad in March? It had too many problems to solve!
  • What did the lion say to the March Wind? "You're really blowing me away!"
  • What do you call a sheep covered in Chocolate in March? A Candy "baaa"r!
  • Why did the Basketball player bring a Ladder to the Game in March? He wanted to shoot some "hoops"!
  • What's a leprechaun's favorite type of music in March? "Sham"Roll-puns">Rock and Roll!
  • Why did the Tomato turn Red in March? It saw the salad dressing!

March Puns - Humor with Tom Swifties

  • He refused to march in the parade because he had a Foot problem - "I can't just toe the line."
  • The soldier was so tired after marching all day - "I'm really Beat, I need a rest in the shades."
  • The Chef was excited about the March cooking competition - "I'm going to whisk away the competition."
  • When the dancer was asked how she perfected her moves, she replied - "It's all in the hips, I hipnotize the audience."
  • The hiker was lost in the Forest and said - "I'm totally stumped, I can't find my way."
  • The musician was rehearsing for the March Concert - "I'm just tuning in to the right rhythm."
  • The golfer hit the Ball into the Water and said - "I made a splash with that stroke."
  • The Gardener planted flowers in March and said - "I'm blooming with joy, it's the perfect Time to sow."
  • The teacher asked the student why he was late again - "Sorry, I didn't march to the beat of time."
  • The Magician made the Rabbit disappear and said - "Now you see him, now you don't, I'm really pulling a hutch."

Historical Puns

  • Why did Julius Caesar visit the dentist in March? He wanted to get his "Ides" cleaned.
  • What did the revolutionary soldiers say when they marched into battle? "We're ready to make History!"
  • Why did the inventor refuse to Work in March? He didn't want to "March" to someone else's tune.
  • How did George Washington know it was March? He saw the cherry trees "Marching" into Bloom.
  • Why did the pharaoh organize a parade in March? He wanted to show off his "Mummy" moves.
  • Why did Joan of Arc join the marching Band in March? She wanted to "March" to the beat of her own Drum.
  • What did Napoleon say when he saw his Army marching in March? "March on, my Little soldiers!"
  • Why did the cavemen start a band in March? They wanted to play "prehistoric" marches.
  • What did the ancient Greeks say when they marched into battle? "March forward, mighty warriors!"
  • Why did the Roman senator bring an Umbrella to the march in March? He wanted to "shield" himself from the Rain.

Funny Literal Puns About March

  • Why did the clock get promoted in March? It was always "ahead" of the game!
  • What did the month of March say to the other months? "Don't worry, I've got it under 'control'!"
  • Why did the lioness dislike March? Because it always came in like a "Lamb" and left like a "lion"!
  • What did the umbrella say to the rain in March? "I've got you 'covered'!"
  • Why did the gardener Love March? Because it was the perfect time to "Spring" into action!
  • Why did the basketball player love March? Because it was a "slam dunk" of a month!
  • What did the lightning say to the storm in March? "I'm 'striking' while the Weather is hot!"
  • Why did the chef love March? Because it was the month for "march-in' spices"!
  • What did the River say to the mountains in March? "I'm 'flowing' with excitement for spring!"

Double Entendre Puns: March Puns

  • Why did the calendar file a police report? It had a Date with March.
  • What did the optimistic weatherman say about March? It's the month of spring-tertainment!
  • Why did the basketball team love March so much? It was a slam dunk.
  • What do you call a lion who loves March? A march-lion.
  • Why did the musician have a Great March? They were always in tune with the month.
  • Why did the tree want to get married in March? It wanted to leaf the bachelor life behind.
  • Why did the math teacher love March? It was the perfect time to solve equations and spring into action.
  • What did the snowman say to the Sun in March? "Don't melt my Heart, let's have some chilly Fun!"
  • What did the calendar say to March? "I'm looking forward to our date, let's make it a month to remember!"
  • Why did the gardener get excited for March? It was the season for planting new jokes and watching them grow.

Marching to the Puns Beat

  • Why did the calendar go to therapy in March? It had too many issues.
  • What do you call a lion in March? A march lion.
  • Why do basketball players love March? It's their favorite time to "shoot" some hoops.
  • How does a tree feel in March? It's branching out.
  • What did the umbrella say to the rain in March? "I've got you covered."
  • Why was the math book sad in March? It had too many problems.
  • What do you call a Ghost in March? A paranormal activity.
  • Why did the musician only play in March? He wanted to March to the beat of his own drum.
  • How does a clock feel in March? It's springing forward.
  • What do you call a rabbit in March? A March hare.

Rhyme Time: March Puns

  • Marching into March with a pun or two!
  • Feeling parched in March? Here's a pun to quench your thirst!
  • Watch out for March, it's punbelievable!
  • Marching to the beat of pun-tastic rhymes!
  • Don't be marchin' around without a pun in your pocket!
  • March May be windy, but these puns will blow you away!
  • Ready to march to the rhythm of these puns?
  • Marching through March with puns in tow!
  • March is the perfect time for a pun-tastic parade!
  • These puns are March madness in the best way!

Marching to the Puns Beat

  • Pour St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be wearing my Green Bear instead of green Beer!
  • Instead of March Madness, I’m experiencing Munch Radness – all about the snacks!
  • My friend asked me to help with spring Cleaning, but I accidentally heard it as "spling cleanning." I Hope she likes my innovative approach!
  • During March, I tried to plant a garden, but I ended up planting a carden instead. Now I have a Deck of veggies!
  • For St. Paddy’s, I’m making corned Beef and Cabbage, or as I like to call it, coned beef and cabage.
  • I wanted to organize a March potluck, but it turned into a parch motluck – we're bringing Desert dishes!
  • My neighbor invited me to a March barbecue, but I think I’ll attend a starch marbecue instead. I’m all about the carbs!
  • I signed up for a March Yoga class, but I think I accidentally joined a larch yogo class. I wonder how trees do downward Dog!
  • My coworker mentioned a March book club, but I think I heard it as a Bark mooc club. I hope dogs are allowed!
  • I wanted to go on a March Road trip, but somehow ended up planning a roach trip instead. I hope the bugs don’t hitch a ride!

Marching to the Beat of Anagram Puns

  • Citrus charm
  • Chin straps
  • Arctic’s hum
  • Rich man’s
  • Cram this
  • Charm it, US
  • Ranch mist
  • Human’s cry
  • Scram hint
  • Chin Smart

March Puns

  • Why did the calendar go on a diet in March? It wanted to shed some "pounds"!
  • What do you call a Donkey that likes to march? A "brayve" soldier!
  • Why did the Scarecrow join the marching band? It wanted to "Straw-k up" a conversation!
  • Why did the clock go on strike in March? It wanted a "minute" of silence!
  • What do you call a march for vegetables? A "stalk" parade!
  • Why did the lion refuse to march? It didn't want to be a "Pride" participant!
  • Why did the basketball team march into the bakery? They wanted to "dough-nate" some points!
  • What did the marching ants say to the Picnic? "We're here to "crumb" the Party!"
  • Why did the garden snail join the marching band? It wanted to show off its "Shell-ebrity" status!
  • What do you call a Lizard that marches to its own beat? A "Reptile" in the making!