100+ Side-Splitting September Puns That Will Autumn-atically Make You Laugh!

September Puns

Are you ready to fall into a pile of laughter? We've gathered over 100 September puns that will leave you autumnatically giggling. From puns about falling leaves to jokes about pumpkin spice, this collection is sure to leaf you in stitches. So grab a cozy sweater, sip on your favorite latte, and get ready to harvest a bounty of hilarious puns that will make your September absolutely pun-derful! Whether you're a fan of sweater weather or just love a good pun, these jokes are guaranteed to turn your September into a month to remember. So get ready to autumnatically laugh your way through this pun-tastic collection!

Top 10 Hilarious September Puns - Best Wordplay Puns

  • What did the Calendar say to September? "I'm so glad to see you, IT's about Time!"
  • Why did the teacher Love September? It was the start of her favorite subject, Fall-gebra!
  • How did the tree feel in September? It was Falling for the Autumn season!
  • Why did the Doctor love September? It was his favorite month for giving Flu Shots - he always had a "vaccine-tion" plan!
  • What did the Leaf say to the Wind in September? "I'm falling for you!"
  • Why did the farmer enjoy September? It was the perfect time to "Harvest" some laughter!
  • What did the squirrel say to the Acorn in September? "I'm nuts about you!"
  • Why did the baker love September? It was the perfect time to "Roll" out some pumpkin Spice treats!
  • What did the Bee say to the flower in September? "Let's make some Sweet September Honey together!"

Pun-tastic Tom Swifties

  • I'm excited for September, it's the fall of my dreams. (fall)
  • September is here, let's leaf our worries behind. (leave)
  • I can't wait for September, it's going to be a-maize-ing. (amazing)
  • September is the time to Wine down and enjoy the harvest. (wind)
  • September makes me feel Grape, it's the season of vine. (Great)
  • I'm feeling pear-fectly Happy in September. (perfectly)
  • September is when I finally turn a new leaf. (leave)
  • September is full of punshine and laughter. (Sunshine)
  • I'm falling for September, it's the Apple of my Eye. (falling)
  • September is the month to autumn-tically Smile. (automatically)

Historical Puns

  • Why did the ancient Egyptians celebrate September? Because it was the month of Pharaoh-well!
  • September is like Julius Caesar - it comes, it conquers, and then it's gone!
  • September is when History buffs get really excited - it's the month of many momentous events!
  • Did you hear about the calendar that broke up with September? It just couldn't handle the historical commitment!
  • September is the month to appreciate the past - after all, it's the month where history comes to the present!
  • Why do historians love September? Because it's a treasure trove of historical anniversaries!
  • September is the month when historical figures say, "We can't change the past, but we can make history in the present!"
  • What did the historian say to September? "You're quite a page-turner!"
  • September is the month when history teachers say, "Let's make this month legendary!"
  • Why did the history Book go to therapy in September? It had too many unresolved issues!

Funny Literal Puns about September

  • Why did the calendar get in trouble in September? It had too many dates!
  • What is a Scarecrow's favorite month? Sep-"Straw"-ber!
  • Why did the teacher bring a Ladder to the classroom in September? To help the students reach the "high" notes!
  • What did the autumn leaf say to the tree in September? "I'm falling for you!"
  • Why did the squirrel bring an Umbrella in September? In case it "acorns"!
  • What did the Corn say to the farmer in September? "I'm stalk-ing you!"
  • Why did the baker love September? Because it's the "Yeast" he could do!
  • What do you call a group of birds Flying south in September? A "tweet" migration!
  • Why did the apple tree start singing in September? It wanted to "orchard"-strate a beautiful melody!
  • What's a mathematician's favorite season? Sep-"Pi"-tember!

Double the Fun: September Puns

  • Why do trees hate September? Because it's the start of fall for them.
  • September is like a long weekend. It's a Sunday that never ends!
  • Did you hear about the calendar's breakup in September? It just couldn't keep its days together.
  • September is when the puns reach their peak - it's a-maize-ing!
  • September is like a second chance at New Year's resolutions. It's the fall reset button.
  • What did the autumn say to September? "Leaf me alone, I'm changing."
  • September is the month of mixed emotions - it's when we fall Back an hour but leap forward in excitement for Halloween!
  • Why was the Math book sad in September? It had too many problems.
  • September is the time to turn over a new leaf, but sometimes, it's okay to just enjoy the foliage.

Simply Punny September

  • Why was September the best month for the musician? Because it had all the right notes.
  • September is like a teacher - it always starts on an "autumnatic" note.
  • In September, the leaves are falling for you, literally.
  • September always leaves us feeling "fall" of emotions.
  • Did you hear about the calendar's love for September? It's Date night every night!
  • September is like a jokester, always "falling" for a Good laugh.
  • Why do people love September? Because it's a-maize-ing! (Amazing)
  • September is the month of change - it always "leaves" us wanting more.
  • September's Weather is so unpredictable, it's like a "fall" rollercoaster.
  • What did the tree say to September? "Leaf me alone, I'm changing!"

Rhyme Time: September Puns

  • Wake me up when September ends, I need my beauty Sleep to make amends.
  • September weather can be fickle, One day it's hot, the next it's pickle.
  • September's here, time to cheer, for fall is near and Halloween is dear.
  • Leaves in September start to fall, Nature's way of saying "I've done it all."
  • September's breeze, oh how it teases, with a chill that's sure to freeze-es.
  • September days, in a golden haze, as Summer's warmth starts to laze.
  • September's light, oh so bright, as the Sun sets in the night.
  • September's end, a time to mend, before the year makes its final bend.
  • September's song, oh so long, as we bid summer so long.
  • September's charm, no need for alarm, as autumn takes us in its warm.

Spoonerism Puns

  • Wake me up when timber ends.
  • Teacher: September is when you get back to lesson. Student: You mean back to school?
  • Instead of "September", can we say "embersept"?
  • Feeling like a pumpkin in the hay.
  • September breeze? More like zembertem freeze!
  • Let's make it a date to remember in September.
  • My Cat loves to Chase embers in September.
  • Forget September, it's all about rempsember!
  • Don't be a member, be a remembur in September!
  • In September, I turn into a semblance of myself.

Funny Anagram Puns

  • September: Pert Meets
  • Autumn: Man Out
  • Leaves: Easel
  • Harvest: Heart Vase
  • Equinox: Ex Uno Qi
  • Apple: Leap
  • Crisp: Scrip
  • Season: Nooses
  • Breeze: Beezer
  • Weather: Where Te

Situational Puns: September Edition

  • Why did the scarecrow win an award in September? Because he was outstanding in his field!
  • What do you call a Bear that loves September? A fall-ine!
  • Why did the calendar go on a diet in September? It wanted to shed a few pounds!
  • How did the tree feel in September? Branching out and ready for change!
  • Why did the math book go to therapy in September? It couldn't handle all the problems!
  • What did the September Rain say to the ground? "I'm falling for you!"
  • Why did the teacher bring a ladder to school in September? To help her students reach new heights!
  • What did the Football team do when they won in September? They threw a touch-down celebration!
  • Why did the squirrel start a Band in September? Because it found some acorn-y instruments!
  • What did the scarecrow say to September? "Hay there, let's have a corny good time!"