Kiss and Tell: 100+ Puckeringly Punny Kiss Puns to Smack Your Funny Bone!

Kiss Puns

Are you in need of some smooch-worthy laughs? Look no further because we've got over 100 kiss puns that will make your heart skip a beat. From lip-smacking humor to cheeky wordplay, these puns will have you puckering up with laughter. So grab your Chapstick and get ready for a hilarious journey through the world of "Kiss Puns." Whether you're a hopeless romantic or just enjoy a good smooch, these puns are sure to make your lips curl with delight. So sit back, relax, and prepare for a tongue-in-cheek experience that will have you saying, "Mwah, that's pun-tastic!"

Kissing Puns That Will Make You Smooch

  • I kissed a squirrel and I liked IT, but then I realized it was just a Little nutty.
  • Why did the boy bring a Ladder to his first kiss? He wanted to give it a little lift.
  • When the musician kissed his girlfriend, he felt a spark and said, "That's the kiss I've been waiting to crescendo."
  • What did the Grape say when it got kissed? Nothing, it just let out a little Wine.
  • I kissed a girl with a broken tooth. She said it was just a little filling.
  • Why did the smartphone Break Up with the landline? It just wasn't getting the same text from their goodnight kiss.
  • The baker and the Pastry Chef finally kissed. It was a Sweet moment filled with a lot of dough.
  • I kissed a Spider and I liked it, but then I realized it was just a little creepy.
  • Why did the Dog sit in the shade during the kiss? It didn't want a Hot Dog kiss.
  • When the Movie star kissed her lover, she said, "That's a wrap!"

Kiss Puns that'll Make You Pucker Up - Tom Swifties Style

  • "I Love kissing in the Rain," Tom said mistily.
  • "I never miss with my kisses," Tom said smugly.
  • "I'm the best kisser in the Family," Tom said kin-dly.
  • "I'll never forget our first kiss," Tom said memorably.
  • "I'm always ready for a goodnight kiss," Tom said nightly.
  • "I kissed the chef and it was delicious," Tom said tastefully.
  • "I kissed a Frog and nothing happened," Tom said disappointedly.
  • "I'm a pro at blowing kisses," Tom said airily.
  • "I kissed a Book and now I'm well read," Tom said literarily.
  • "I kissed a Mirror, now I'm seeing double," Tom said reflectively.

Historical Kiss Puns

  • When Napoleon met Josephine, it was truly a French kiss!
  • Did you hear about the ancient Egyptian pharaoh who loved to kiss? He was a real tomb raider!
  • Henry VIII was known for his passionate kisses, but his wives always ended up losing their heads over it!
  • Julius Caesar had a legendary way with kisses – he'd always say "Et tu, Brute?" after a sweet smooch!
  • Marie Antoinette's favorite kind of Cake? Kisses, of course – let them eat Hershey's!
  • When Cleopatra kissed Marc Antony, it was love at first Nile!
  • George Washington was a true patriot – he never told a lie and always kissed the truth!
  • Abraham Lincoln was so tall, he had to bend down for a kiss – he really stood out in a crowd!
  • Joan of Arc May have been known for her bravery, but she was also a fierce kisser – she really sparked some flames!
  • Christopher Columbus sailed the Ocean blue in 1492, but he was really searching for the perfect kiss!

Kissing Up: Literal Puns

  • Why did the dentist kiss his patient? Because he wanted to give her a little "filling".
  • What did the lipstick say to the mouth? "I'm ready for some lip-locked action!"
  • Why did the chef kiss the cutting Board? Because he wanted to "Spice" things up!
  • What do you call two birds kissing? "Tweethearts"!
  • Why did the Computer kiss the printer? It had a "connection"!
  • What did One bubblegum say to the other? "Stick with me, and we'll have a "pop"pin' Good Time!"
  • Why did the Baseball Coach kiss his players? Because he wanted to "catch" their attention!
  • What did the Fireman say to the Burning Building? "I'm going to "extinguish" this Flame with a kiss!"
  • Why did the Gardener kiss the flowers? Because he wanted to "plant" one on them!
  • What did the Math teacher say to the equation? "Let's kiss and "solve" this problem!"

Double Entendre Puns

  • Why did the lipstick go to School? Because it wanted to get a higher degree in "kiss-tory"!
  • What did the dentist say to the toothpaste? "We make a Great pair, we both love to brush up on our kissing skills!"
  • Why did the two toothbrushes start dating? They felt a deep "bristle-tionship" with each other!
  • What did the grape say to the Lemon? "You're so sour, but I still find you a-peeling!"
  • Why did the Clock go to the kissing booth? It wanted to "tick-tock" someone's Heart!
  • What did the frog say to the Princess? "I Hope you don't mind a little "Toad"-ally awesome smooch!"
  • Why did the smartphone blush? Because it received a text message saying, "I'm sending you a virtual “kiss”!"
  • What did the Bee say to the flower? "I'm buzzing with excitement to plant a “kiss” on your petals!"
  • Why did the chef Fall in love with the baker? Because their kisses were always "batter" than the rest!
  • What did the pencil say to the eraser? "You're my Number one "rubber" for smudging out kisses!"

Pucker Up: Kiss Puns

  • I kissed a squirrel and I liked it, but then I realized it was just a little nutty.
  • When the musician kissed his partner, he said, "You really struck a chord with me."
  • I asked my crush for a Hershey's Kiss, but all I got was a peck on the cheek.
  • The chef's kiss was so delicious, it was truly a lip-smacking experience.
  • I kissed a goldfish, but it just left me feeling a little Tongue-tied.
  • My Date said kissing me was like winning the lottery – all about the tongue action.
  • I tried to kiss my crush, but I got turned down – guess I missed the lip service.
  • Kissing a Magician is always an illusion – now you see lips, now you don't.
  • My dog always gives me sloppy kisses – he's a real tongue-in-cheek kind of guy.
  • When the baker kissed his partner, he said, "You're the Yeast I can do."

Fun with Kiss Puns!

  • A Bad date can really be a miss, especially if it lacks a goodnight kiss!
  • If you're feeling low, just remember that a smooch can be the perfect bliss.
  • When it comes to love, don't dismiss the power of a sweet and tender kiss.
  • Getting a peck on the cheek can make your heart Dance with pure bliss.
  • Did you hear about the frog who turned into a prince with just one kiss?
  • Don't underestimate the power of a stolen kiss, it can make your heart soar and your toes Curl in pure bliss!
  • When it comes to romance, a passionate kiss can be the perfect hit or miss.
  • They say a kiss is just a kiss, but I think it's more like a moment of pure bliss.
  • Why did the lipstick go on strike? It wanted better conditions to Seal the perfect kiss!
  • Love is like a Game of Chess, and a kiss is the queen's move that you can't dismiss!

Funny Spoonerism Puns

  • Blowing a kiss becomes glowing a bliss.
  • Sealing a kiss becomes keeling a sis.
  • Sending a kiss becomes tending a kiss.
  • Stealing a kiss becomes keeling a stiss.
  • Planting a kiss becomes panting a bliss.
  • Missing a kiss becomes kishing a miss.
  • Blowing a Raspberry becomes rowing a blaspberry.
  • Blowing a whistle becomes wowing a bhistle.
  • Throwing a kiss becomes crowing a thiss.
  • Blowing a Bubble becomes bowing a blebble.

Anagram Puns: Kiss Puns

  • Snog: Song
  • Smooch: Mooch
  • Peck: Kept
  • Makeout: Tomato
  • Pucker: Perk Up
  • Lock Lips: Lick Slops
  • Plant a Kiss: Spank Tail
  • French Kiss: Rich Sniffs
  • Slobber: Robles
  • Butterfly Kiss: Fussy Brisk Lit

Funny Situational Puns about Kisses

  • When the chef kissed his dish, it became a recipe of love.
  • The dentist's favorite way to end a check-up is by giving patients a "brush" of fresh Air.
  • When the Basketball player kissed the Ball, it was a slam "dunk" of affection.
  • The magician's trick was to make a kiss disappear, but it ended up being a "smooch" of misdirection.
  • After their first smooch, the Couple realized they had a "sealing" connection.
  • The painter's masterpiece was completed with a "stroke" of love.
  • When the baker kissed the dough, it became a "Loaf" of romance.
  • The Astronaut planted a kiss on the Moon, creating a "stellar" moment.
  • The gardener's favorite flower was the "Tulip" because it always "plants" a kiss.
  • The Detective found a clue when he discovered lipstick marks, proving that love can "solve" any mystery.